Writer. Author. What's the difference?

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It's said that the difference is that a writer writes about things personal to him or her, while an author deals in plot and stories. If this definition fits, then I am indeed both. All of my stories contain parts of me, be it the smallest things. But I personally prefer the term writer - since it means I can write about anything I want.

I was born in 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At an early age, I knew stories were my true love. When I was a kid, I would listen to books on tape, and when I grew older and learned to read, I swallowed books with an appetite that was described as "voracious" by our school librarian. I vividly remember getting lost in fairytales, books on mythology, and – surprisingly fast – every kind of spooky story there was! Much to my parents dismay, because it kept me awake many nights…

I wrote my first complete novel (or in literary terms, it’s more of a novella) when I was 19 years old. That was Uplink. My style of writing has changed a lot since then – originally, my big inspirations were the Danish authors Dennis Jürgensen and Knud Holten, but today I think it’s fair to say I draw more from the Stephen King well. My greatest inspiration comes from my dreams, however. Many stories started out as vivid dreams, and were transferred to the page. A wise man once said that if you write about what you’re afraid of, it loses power over you and I believe that statement is at least partly true. I think there will always be an element of control from both sides. Dreams have a powerful hold on a man.

Not all my stories are scary. In fact, most of them lie somewhere in the borderlands between scary and amusing, but I have also written straight thriller stories, romance and 1950’s social realism. I’m never afraid to try something new. This means, of course, that if you find a story in a collection you don’t like – flip to the next one. Chances are, that one’s a different experience. Scary will always be my greatest love, though.

I write my books in English – for several reasons. One is that despite being born and growing up – and indeed, living my entire life, in Denmark – I feel like an American. I’ve spent a lot of time in the USA, and I usually refer to Tucson, Arizona as my “spiritual home”. Another reason is that the language just seems more natural. My “inner voice” speaks English – and has done so since I was quite young.

I’m always coming up with new stories and new ideas, although I tend to only work on one or two books at a given time. If you’re keen on knowing more about me, drop me a line in the contact form.

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