Kort over Kejserriget i Skyggefjenden
Map of the Empire in The Shadow Trilogy

Gratis historie på dansk: Gaven - en historie fra "De der vogter". Download teksten her:


Youtube video of me reading the story The Children's Street from Dreams and Awakenings:

Gratis historie på dansk: Wendigo, oprindeligt trykt i den engelske udgave af "Between Above and Below, men udeladt i den danske udgave. Wendigo

Gratis historie på dansk: Den perfekte partner - trykt i De sidste kærester på månen 2014:

Den perfekte partner

Youtube video of me reading the first chapter of The Guardians from Between Above and Below:

Youtube video of me reading the story Do you believe in magic? from Dreams and Awakenings:

On this page, you'll find free stories for downloads, readings by myself on youtube and assorted other goodies I come up with.

Free story for download: The Hitler Dilemma - the first story from The Tucson Time Traveler:

The Hitler Dilemma

Free novella for download. The Birthday Bike, a cut story from Between Above and Below about love, death and a Christmas miracle. If you enjoy the movie It's a wonderful life, you will like this one.

The Birthday Bike