Dreams and Awakenings - A short story collection

ISBN9781500510107 / Published july 2014

This book is a journey through 29 different dreams. Some dark and scary, some amusing, but all with a twist. You'll never quite know if you're dreaming or not.

A peaceful weekend for four college students at the lake ends when the country is thrown into nuclear war.

A woman is visited in her kitchen by an invisible man

A man wakes up and finds himself the last person on the planet - because of his faith!

These three, and many other stories, can be found in this book

Only one thing is certain: You won't be able to read just one...

This book is available as paperback and e-book and can be bought here:

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Tempus Investigations - a fictional TV show

ISBN 9781534876293 / Published August 2016

Jim Corrigan was killed back in 1933. Today, he's a private investigator on supernatural cases. Immortality is a bitch...but it does help.

Tempus investigations is a thought experiment: What would happen, if you made up a TV show from scratch - but did it as a novel?

The book contains four episodes, forming a season of the fictional TV show. It isn't a manuscript, but written as a novel, and probably the first of its kind.

Follow Jim and his team in fights with spirits, demons and timet travellers, just like you would if you were watching a new, thrilling TV show.

This book is available as paperback and as e-book, and you can buy it here:

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De der vogter

ISBN 9788793434431/Udkommet 2017

The Danish version of "Between Above and Below".

The Danish cover text:

En gruppe turister spærres inde i en underjordisk bunker uden kontakt til omverden. De ved ikke, hvor længe de kan overleve dernede – eller hvad der er sket på jorden over dem.

Dreng møder pige i en historie om at forfølge sin egen drøm, frem for andres. Måske kan man også lære af de ting, man ikke ved.

En ung mor mister på én gang sin mand og sit arbejde – men måske kan en rød cykel bane vejen frem mod et nyt liv.

En nyfødt dreng får tildelt en agent fra Oven – og en fra Neden – men hvorfor er han så vigtig?

De, der vogter er fire forbundne historier om almindelige mennesker i ualmindelige situationer; om mennesker, som beskytter hinanden, og som indimellem selv har behov for at blive beskyttet. Frygt og sorg, afmagt og tragedie, alle har de en vigtig plads i fortællingerne – men i sidste ende indtager kærlighed, venskab og medmenneskelighed de altoverskyggende hovedroller.

Fra 1950’erne til nu; fra den faderløse femårige til den fortvivlede cirkusprinsesse. Når luften er ved at løbe ud – i metaforisk eller bogstavelig forstand – er spørgsmålet det samme for os alle:  Skal jeg blive hvor jeg er, eller skal jeg bryde ud?

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Introduction to Isolation - 4 dark tales

Published may 2015

Four short stories about isolation - in one way or another. Whether it be personal, geographical or physical - it all comes down to the same feeling.

This is the same kind of short stories you find in Dreams and Awakenings, but here available for only a dollar plus tax! Such a deal!

This book is only available as an e-book and can be bought here

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ISBN 9788793091757/Published October 2015

(Note: This book is in Danish!)

Patrick lives in a metropolis in a dystopic future. In this city, the rich and poor live on either side of a wall, and visiting the other Zone is a punishable offence.
One day, Patrick run into two women from the rich Zone - and falls in love with Dana, a beautiful redhead. Dana is different than anyone he has ever met - and he soon learns why: She is the daughter of the city's Chief of Security. When Dana returns his feelings, he hatch a plan for them to be together, despite the laws keeping them apart...

Romeo and Juliet meets William Gibson's cyber universe in this story.

It also contains the bonus short story "Good shot!" about a man remembering a day with his grandfather after finding him dead.

The book is only published in Danish. It is available here

Between Above and Below

ISBN 9781508461784 / Published February 2015

Four stories with elements of light and darkness, love and death, heroism and betrayal - and everything else between above and below...

In The Bunker a group of tourists find themselves caught in a Cold War bunker when the alarm suddenly goes off. Did nuclear war break out? Or is it just a mistake?

In The Lady and the Lions a circus trapeze artist steals the heart of a young man in a small '50's Midwest town.

In Wendigo four friends in a small mountain cabin find out that there might be more truth to the old legends than they ever thought possible.

In The Guardians a guardian angel and a guardian devil fiond themselves assigned to the same human boy. They have to find a way to work together to guard and shape his life - but something or someone is stacking the deck against them.

This book is available as a paperback and as an e-book, and can be bought here

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This book will be published in Danish in 2017. See below.

Note that the Danish edition is slightly different, and contains one new story - "The Birthday Bike", available for free on this site. The story "Wendigo" has been cut from the Danish edition - and is also available for free on this site.